i collect fluffs. scan or photograph them. keep them in different boxes each since they are almost untouchables. matches boxes mostly. or Kodak film cylindric pack.

kindly asked my friends, strangers and even my students when i was at the university to bring me fluffs. After a moment of a slight repulsion people were interested in my collection, first thing they asked:
_what is a fluff?
i answered -what ever you consider a fluff.

i received lots of them, ordered and name them, one of my students did a sort of herbarium, putting each of them with such delicacy and esteem that it made them look as precious unique objects taken from deep lost city under the ocean waters.

i take them from everywhere, found one that looks just like a snowflake bellow a tree, with a black little insect inside of it. You wouldn’t think of white if i tell fluff… well this one is so white, and clean and soft that it feels as an artificial minimal grave.

in spanish language you do not have distinctions among different fluff’s origins (most of the men recurrently refer as their navel’s fluffs, the confirmation of this premise was so funny that it almost made me change the point of attention of my project towards some “gender” informal investigation… but i kept focus on fluffs.

eventually i would like to reverse the scale human / fluffs, make very big murals in a big space so to appreciate its physiognomy and be face to face with a segment of what is happening beneath what we notice is happening.it seems to me fluffs are little condensed universes, silent unperceived signs of time emerging out of nowhere, or everywhere. body, nature, ambient leftovers gather, as in a dinner table, representing scenes.

i will write short stories about them, the backstage of each one, for example a friend of mine gave me one from under his bed, it had red hairs, and brown hairs and blond short ones… (he is blond).as an anthropologist of fluffs i am after some very desirable piece for me, the fluff of barb in the player recorder, so if anyone have it i could give some food / draws / usic in return.

hope you find a little beauty in these creatures. will post more of them. i only have these ones in my laptop now.
washing machine

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