1. the little thing inside my chest was removed, no more nurses, no more antibiotics. more energy.
2. feel like a doll, my leg is different, feel taller but can not walk yet.
3. my doctor fears i will be a rebel and dance before is time not hearing the “recovery rules”.
4. i wonder what my body would feel like. adaptation
5. so far a bedroom, my world. i want the world. and a bedroom inside the world probably.
6. marks in my body. tattoos, not what a tattoo is meant to be…, should i make another icon out of them?
7. i wear a hat in my private world. i play, give myself freedom the spaces i can control.
8. more friends are coming to see movies.
9. in love of casavettes movies these days.
10. i want to make a party as soon as i am allowed. a major feeling of opportunity. deciding if i will be dj’ing… i want to dance so much is a hard choice
11. 2 physical therapist, one my beloved friend doyoga javi, the other a kinesiologist that plays basketball too, a very funny boy that wants me to hear (very not nice) rock as we are working.
12. love this line: body has innate healing energy and is doing its best to care for itself.

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