it had been a while since i couldn’t drive alone in the city, so i am addict to street and tress // a short police story + gallery tree + 2 girls in a rainy day inside japanese garden having a tea.
i have identified favorite trees in my journeys to work, or certain places in the city. also the hours that make some look fascinating when leaves seems to have transparency.

a police stopped near my car and asked what i was doing since i was in a rather unsuitable place, for long time. i was in front of a tree i’ve been following with my eyes for a while. but this saturday the 3 pm light was amazing. i wanted water in the glass, because i love how it affects the image but i still can’t handle all the many alternatives the windshield has, dropping water, different speeds, so it took me a while since i got the right amount of little drops. this looked suspicious for the policeman. anyway when i explained i took photos of tress from the car my only proof where in the camera, so i asked him – wanna see them? he agreed, and said they were very beautiful and let me go.

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