U would have preferred changing seats in order to have her in front of you.
he was cooking russian food. made you think speaking of shirishenko was accurate for the occasion. instead, you mentioned a painting of a male’s back

a male’s back
in a tennis court morning
after the game
sun over his vertebras

vertebras in the sun

SHE (imagines)
link to a picture of a back
given from a boy,
a working office’s boy,
to a girl,
stolen picture from working hours
(she adores that kind of events)

link to quick poem lines:
bringing closer
to a wall, seated
kissing each other

brought closer
chairs, trunk roads

since you like woods
lift me, as trunks,
like me
as woods

let’s make chairs

-we should be eating under trees,
because i feel, unstable

as a temperature reactive bomb
closeness reactive bomb, near

SHE (imagines french lines)
je suis ton “Hiroshima, mon amour”

i suggest gingko tree

i suggest a game


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