grey day in berlin, warm grey

Photo 319
Photo 320
my computer
has two hours
so my body

feel energized despite
jet flag
too anxious
and amazed,
a spiderman sticker on my luggage
and i named it “sartre”

_ so that i would say, i made a journey with jean paul_

my friends picked me at the airport
harri & beto

beto treats me as if he knew me for ages,
we have not, we just heard stories about each other i guess,
and i thought they had a very nice luv one
that started with ironing.


pasta, pesto, lost&found

my hearts searches, hears german
and falls in luv of language
thinks is sexy
imagines that language
inside rooms
bars, discos
sheets or showers

i know how it sounds at a
kafe, a karaoke at manerpark,
tram, and metro

discovered i have internet
and phone, friends in buenos aires
starts sending me messages

strange closeness
and sense of time

strangely romantic
hear billie jean
while i eat a salad in a thai place



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