geometry_one / dj. set

i made this today early saturday morning. still learning applications, hope you enjoy.
hice este set hoy a la mañana de un sábado soleado.


Mrs. Parker and the vicious circle / Film fragment
intervention / caro mikalef
You think you really know me / Gary Wilson
Fortune Teller / Xiu Xiu / Chad VanGaalen, The Green Corridor #02
Mirror / Black To Comm, Earth.
untitled / Tarentel
Hopper: Confessions / Anne Carson reads selections of her own poetry from the book Men in the off Hours
Various / I Wonder If I Will Ever Rest, Missippi Records
Finale / Nobukazu Takemura
I Could Be Your Lover / R. Stevie Moore, Contact Risk
In The Car / Flim fragment

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