rest in peace


what you gave remains


i never find the calibrated word to express if someone has died, those four letters slow down the speed of my typing and my breathing. ‘RIP’ i can imagine gives consolation to god believers, on both directions, to the one that is resting and those, watching in longing, the peaceful rest. For those who do not, there is no refuge for uneasiness, is a pure void, and the void is irreversible, it will not be filled in the second-round where souls re-unite on the promised ‘other side’. There is no future screen to project the pain we feel to the ones left on ‘this side’.

It gives me consolation, or not, wondering if the one that is resting had a good life, i tell myself like a sort of prayer’ -i wished she had a good life, i wished he had a good life. That is one of the few thoughts i can hold on to, that there were sparks of happiness giving meaning to the ‘anima’.

i also comfort myself esoterically, that is my other refuge, a paranormal cave where i believe, let’s better say, i choose to believe, that energy we give, remains, it keeps on affecting the lives around us. Energy in many shapes, love, music, caring, letters, paintings, erotism, laughter, thoughts, food, all that we expelled from ourselves to the outside world, it remains somehow and what we received keeps on influencing us ‘ad infinitum’ like a quantum physics phenomena.


maybe cause i am tiresome i need to question myself ‘what am i talking about if i say RIP’ so i searched, a very easy lazy search on the internet, where does R.I.P. comes from and wonder what could had happen or will happen that we desire that ‘anima’ to rest in peace?

The answer were pretty apocalyptical or nihilists, something like ‘oh thanks the evil occurring you had ended’ looking retrospectevly to lthat life, or ‘ I wish you a good judgement day’, and i cant’t help but remembering Nina Simone saying about the song Feelings ‘‘ I do not believe in the conditions that demanded a song like a that !!! )

My eyebrows go higher and higher as i go on reading about the origin and used of R. I . P. up to the point where i naively need to propose a new phrase to homage and share the emotions we feel when someone (again i slow the typing down) has die.

would it then be?

S. L. H. L (she lived her life)

H. L. H. L (he lived his life)

G. L. ( a good life)

I. (ad infinitum)

and my favorite

W. Y. G. R. (what you gave remains)

in case you are interested to read about RIP
here the wiki


A. E. R. I. P. (Anima eius requiescat in pace; su alma descanse en paz).

A. E. R. I. P. A. (Anima eius requiescat in pace in aeternum; su alma descanse en paz para siempre).

R. I. P. A. (Requiescat in pace in aeternum; descanse en paz para siempre).

R. I. P. S. (Requiescat in pace semper; descanse en paz siempre). Clara referencia a la profecía acerca de Elías el Tesbita, que en los últimos días, o combate contra el Anticristo, muerto junto con Henoch/Enoc, descansará siempre en la paz del Señor. Libro del Elesiástico, Cap. 44.


and a painting that came back to me

Robert Fludd’s black square representing the nothingness that was prior to the universe, from his Utriusque Cosmi (1617)


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